We have your credit union HR solutions!

Do you feel bogged down in all of your hiring responsibilities? Does the paperwork and and other tedious aspects of hiring keep you from doing what drew you to HR in the first place? We can help you find more time to work with actual people!

You don't have to do this alone; our system is easy to use and configurable to meet your specific needs. Plus, we are always there to support you, not just with the actual use of our software, but with advice on how to optimize your hiring results in general. We'll even help you write job ads, if that's what it takes!  But don't take our word for it, take our system for a test drive so you can experience first hand how we can help you. Your stress load will be lighter, your compliance bases will be covered, and you'll spend more time doing what you love.

Think of us as your hiring partner in crime.  We are the credit union division of ApplicantPro and have spent more than 10 years gaining knowledge and experience in the human resources side of the credit union industry.  Over 200 credit unions just like yours are currently using and loving our products and services.

ApplicantPro's story:

Headquartered in Eagle Mountain, Utah

ApplicantPro began as an idea in 2007 and was driven by users that thought there has to be a better way to hire. With their continual feedback and loyalty we have become a leading provider of hiring software for nearly 4,000 organizations including small businesses on up to enterprise sized organizations.

Our offering has grown to include an integrated applicant tracking system, background checks, pre-employment assessment testing, paperless onboarding, tax credits, skills testing, and video interviewing.

Our focus is on providing easy-to-use solutions that inspire efficiency and optimized hiring practices. Most of our customers pay around $200 per month for our services with no upfront fees and are never bound by a contract. 

Is your credit union small? We have a pay-per-post program that might be perfect for you.

Let's schedule a time to chat about how we can make your current hiring process better than ever before.

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