6 Simple Ways to Drastically Improve the Hiring Results at Your Credit Union

6 Simple Ways Drastically Improve Hiring Results Credit Union CUhiring

By Christine Pena-Oquist


First, spend time doing research to make sure you truly understand the candidates you're looking for.

Start by interviewing some of your top employees. You need to get to know their background, why and how they applied, what they like most about their job, and so on. These personal interviews really help you get a deeper feel for your ideal candidate’s feelings and motivations. You might be surprised by what you learn! Here's a free PDF download to help you with those interviews.

6 Simple Ways Improve Hiring Results Credit Union CUhiring

Next, use the data in your applicant tracking or HR management software to discover trends and patterns among your best employees. Look at data about such things as what kinds of jobs they held previously, what platform they used to submit their application, and where they heard about the job opening.

Once you have enough data, make up a few job-seeker personas based on the trends you find. Indeed.com offers a free downloadable template for this purpose. This article goes a little more in-depth about writing job-seeker personas for credit unions.


Write job ads that make people want to apply.

Many hiring professionals believe that job ads should be crafted to scare away all but the most desperate applicants. Nothing could be further from the truth!

6 Simple Ways Improve Your Hiring Process Job Seeker Persona CUhiring

Write ads with your job seeker personas in mind. What advantages does this job likely have over their current one? Emphasize those things. Engage them.

If you feel the need to include legalese, provide a link to it rather than bog down the ad.

Make sure that if you list “minimum requirements,” they are truly necessary for success in that position. Otherwise, it is best to say something about candidates with those qualifications being “encouraged to apply.” Again, your goal is never to scare away good potential candidates!

Be judicious, however, even with "preferred requirements." Many candidates, especially women, tend to underestimate their own qualifications and will not bother to apply if they are overwhelmed with too many listed qualifications that they don't believe they meet exactly as written in the ad, whether "required" or "preferred." Again, your goal is not to scare away good potential candidates! In this article, I go more in-depth about this tendency to try to scare away all but the most desperate candidates.

Be up front about important details like pay range and work schedule. If your credit union pays significantly below market for that position, you might have to leave that out. But be aware that that is less than ideal, and you will need to really play up the other benefits of the job. Look here for more information about how to write a good job ad.


Get your job ads out there where people will find them.

Again, refer to your job seeker personas. Where would they go first to find a job?


There are so many options these days with large job board sites such as Indeed.com and Monster.com, the niche job board sites like your credit union league might offer, social media, and even reaching out to previous applicants through email.

Make sure your website has a prominent "careers" link. Also, don't neglect one of the proven top-performers for quality hires, employee referrals. You can read more about that here.

You will make better hiring choices if you have more good applicants to choose from. Don’t limit yourself! 


Make it easy to apply!

Provide a simple online application process. Make sure it is optimized for mobile use.

Once again, there is a misconception that you must weed out bad applicants by having a long and tedious application process, but it's simply not true. Smart and practical applicants will spend their valuable time applying for other jobs with more convenient ways to apply.



Be responsive.

Find out each applicant’s preferred way to communicate and keep them updated. Don’t be afraid to text if that’s their preference. Most teller applicants are going to be millennials who prefer texting. Read more about that here.

Don’t leave them wondering if their application was ever received or leave them hanging after an interview. This frustrates them, and they form a negative impression of your credit union that they won’t hesitate to share with others.



Just as importantly, don’t be so slow that the place down the street has already hired them by the time you get around to contacting them!


Last, but not least, treat your employees well!

Happy employees help bring aboard more good employees. Unhappy employees quit earlier and then leave negative reviews on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, as well as on social media. You can read more about that issue here. This affects both your credit union’s potential members, as will as potential applicants.

Make sure you have a staff full of ambassadors for your credit union!

Check back soon for more hiring tips.

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