4 Tried and True Tips to Increase the Applicant Flow from Major Online Job Boards to Your Credit Union

By Christine Pena-Oquist

While it’s true that the big online job boards like Indeed are not necessarily the job sources that produce the best ratio of actual hires to applicants, they are still a major source of applicants. These boards play a big part in today’s job market, and there are several ways that you can improve the flow of quality applicants that they generate for your credit union.

#1 Use the Right Keywords

Such nationwide job boards function just like a search engine. In order for job seekers to find your ad, it has to come up in their searches. Applicants enter some keywords describing the kind of job that they're looking for and pull up a list of ads for their specified location that contains some or all of those words.

In order to maximize your reach, you need to get into the minds of your ideal job seekers and predict which words they are going to use in their searches. It is crucial that you use the actual words that they are most likely to search for, not just words that mean something similar.

If you use creative new job titles at your credit union, make sure that you also include the traditional names for those positions in your ads. Job seekers are going to search for “teller,” not “member satisfaction specialist.” Don’t use legalese or HR speak either. If you are advertising a teller position, for example, use terms that someone with customer service experience in retail would typically use. As that is the background most of your applicants will come from.

Also, take some time to consider the job seekers' motivations. For example, those looking for part-time work usually include the words “part-time” in their search. Don’t miss out on candidates who specifically want to work less than full-time by neglecting to state "part-time" in your ad.

#2 Answer the Job Seeker's Questions

Now that your job ad is appearing in searches, it's important to make sure that it answers those key questions that help applicants decide whether or not it is worth their valuable time to apply.

For example, if you're advertising a part-time job opening, the first questions a job seeker will have will be about the required work schedule (times and days of the week). Those who are willing to take part-time positions are almost always working around something else, such as another job, school, kids, or care-taking. Most people don’t want to put the time into applying for a job unless they know the schedule will work for them. If you don't provide this essential information in your job ads, you will most definitely miss out on some qualified applicants.

Along those same lines, unless the position that you're advertising for pays minimum wage, you should include a pay range in your ad. Job seekers tend to assume that job ads without any stated pay range start at minimum wage or, for skilled positions, the very lowest possible wage in the industry. Job seekers who are already employed are not going to take the time to apply for a position if they can’t tell what it offers in comparison to the one they already have.

#3 Write an Engaging Job Ad

It's very important to understand that not all job seekers are desperate and willing to apply for just anything. Many already have jobs and are simply looking for a better one. It is also necessary to remember that your job ad is not the only one on the job board. Job seekers don’t have time to apply to every ad they see. They are going to apply to the ones that grab their attention and sound appealing. A list of job “duties and responsibilities” is not an advertisement.

Write an Engaging Job Ad Credit Union Hiring

Along with providing all of the pertinent information about the job, a good ad should catch the attention of the job seeker, make them want to read the whole thing, and entice them to apply. Even if they don’t have all the qualifications, or the job just isn’t right for them, it should still interest them enough so that they take the time to consider if they know someone who it would be right for. We have found that a high percentage of people who have had a job opening recommended to them by a close friend or relative actually do apply. 

For more in-depth information on how to write an engaging job ad, you can download our free "How to Write a Killer Job Ad" guide at https://www.applicantpro.com/docs/KillerJobAd.pdf.

#4 Let the Job Seeker Apply on the Job Board

This is all about making it faster and easier for job seekers to apply using their job board profile. This has been shown to dramatically increase application starts. For Indeed, this means allowing applicants to use "Indeed Apply.” Once you have reviewed their initial resume, you can send them back a link to complete your long application.

Are you ready to increase your applicant flow? All four of these tips have been proven again and again to make a big difference. What do you have to lose?

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