Take care of your members by providing them with the best customer service representatives!

As a Credit Union, your goal is to provide solutions and products designed exclusively to meet the unique, individual, and collective needs of your members. After working with Credit Unions, and learning the unique day-to-day process, we have molded our software to be the perfect fit for you! Stop worrying about sorting through piles of paper applications or an endless inbox full of resumes and put your focus back on your members.


CU Hiring is an affordable way to make your hiring process a snap!

Job Advertising

Are the right people seeing your job postings? Your members depend on you to find and hire happy, friendly, and reliable employees.  We’ll make sure your job postings are seen by thousands of applicants that will be a great fit for the job and will keep your members happy. The CU Hiring system gives you access to over 500 different job boards and all applicants apply through our system so you can easily view them all in one place.

Customized Career Site

Your career site is often the first experience an applicant has with your brand.  Is your current career site sending the right message to hopeful job seekers?  In as little as 48 hours, we can set up a career page that shines and matches the quality and feel of the rest of your website.  Because it’s also mobile friendly, applicants will be able to easily find the job they are looking for and sign up for job alerts on their smartphones or tablets.  It’s simple to update and maintain without the need to bug your marketing or IT departments.

Mobile Optimized Online Applications

Did you know that 78% of job seekers in the US would prefer to apply for jobs on their mobile devices? To avoid missing out on a large portion of top tier job seekers, we will set up an application that captures all the information needed, while delivering it in a user friendly format designed to look good and work great on phones and tablets. You’ll simply supply us with a copy of your current application and we’ll do the rest.  Before you know it, you will be increasing the quantity and quality of your applicant pool.


An empty desk or teller window in the branch means longer lines in the lobby and lost opportunities to generate revenue.  Trying to find the best candidate by comparing every application head to head can be time consuming and ineffective.  With the screening tools built into CU Hiring you quickly whittle your applicant pool down to the best talent so you can find better talent faster.  You can chose from job questions, auto disqualifications, and pre-hire assessments  or you can opt for our more extensive screening tools that analyze pre-employment skills and work value assessments. Our screening tools also include job specific question groups and auto disqualification settings. Get ready to find and hire talent faster than you ever thought possible.


Background Checks

Are you running the right checks on new hires to make sure you really know who they are? Your members trust you to protect their assets and have their best interest in mind. Recent studies have shown that only 50% of all criminal records are found in database searches.  We offer a full array of thorough background checks, drug screenings, and employee verifications so you can rest assured knowing you've hired trustworthy employees who will protect your members and maintain the integrity of your brand. It’s easy to set up the right packages for your hiring needs. To make things even easier, you can order background checks and review the results without ever logging out of CU Hiring


Compliance is everything in the HR world, but even more so for credit unions. It can be a major challenge to compile, track, and share your data without stepping outside of your strict EEO and Affirmative Action guidelines. Our standard reports library makes it easy to access applicant logs, job overview reports, and much more so you can easily manage your reports in one place.You can also create custom reports with our report builder tool and each report can be exported as a .csv file for easy sharing and reviewing.

Unlimited Support

There’s no better feeling than knowing you have friendly and knowledgeable people ready and willing to guide you every step of the way.  Our support team will have you trained and ready to use the system within 48 hours.  After the initial training and implementation, you can chat, email, or call us anytime to ask any question or resolve any concern.  We pride ourselves in offering the best support around, at no extra charge.

We understand that your employees, especially the frontline, carry the torch of your brand.